Ape Regina Olasz Étterem - korlátlan étel-, és italfogyasztás - Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice 2021
Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice

We are pleased to announce that Ape Regina wins 2021 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

This award recognizes businesses that regularly provide exceptional experiences to travelers/diners all around the world, as evidenced by excellent traveler ratings on Tripadvisor over the previous year. Notwithstanding the difficulties during the previous year, Ape Regina stood out by consistently pleasing guests.

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All You Can Eat

Our restaurant continues to offer its guests the opportunity to take our meals in full compliance with the necessary hygiene measures.
You can place your order by phone or wait here in the restaurant.
We cut the prices and put together a menu for this period where you’ll find the restaurant’s biggest favorites.

Ape Regina Italian Restaurant - unlimited food and drink
Ape Regina Italian Restaurant - unlimited food and drink

A'la Carte

Our latest a'la carte cuisines

Italian Restaurant

irresistible Italian and Mediterranean tastes in the heart of Budapest
Ape Regina
Ape Regina

Ape Regina

Italy in Budapest

Enjoy the greatest Italian specialties and eat as much as you like for a set price. Ape Regina is Budapest's first restaurant to combine enticing Italian flavors with the renowned "All you can eat" idea. Both the location selection and the interior design needed significant planning. Besides from the one-of-a-kind culinary experiences we provide, our customers may also marvel at the distinctive forms and colors of our interior spaces. Our menu features a diverse selection of classic and southern Italian specialties. Our buffet table features an extensive selection of Italian appetizers, sweets, fresh pastas, grilled foods, and ready-to-serve dinners. Fresh veggies, green salads, and delectable dressings are available at our salad bar. We bake our focaccia in our own oven.

- All You Can Eat -

Ape Regina - All You Can EatAntipasti and soups
Caponata, caprese, olives, with cheese cream filled peppers
Ape Regina - All You Can Eathome made fresh pasta and pizza prepared a la minute
More than 20 pasta type and ragout
and variaton of pizza
Ape Regina - All You Can EatGrill dishes and ready meals
Chicken, pork, beef, frutti di mare,
cheese, vegetables and fruits
Various daily offers
Ape Regina - All You Can EatSalads and desserts
Various daily offers with fresh greens, vegetables, toppings
Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Profitterol, and various daily offers

Table booking


You can pay with cash and almost all types of credit cards (+ American Express).
In addition, we also accept OTP, MKB and K&H SZÉP cards.

Ape Regina Italian Restaurant - unlimited food and drink
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